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Tailored To Suit Your Needs...

Smart TV will tailor of products and services to meet your specific needs and budget. Therefore, Not only will you save money but you'll get exactly what you want in entertainment at home or abroad. If you have any questions about the pricing plans below please feel free to contact us.

Hardware & Software Subscription

If you already have the necessary hardware to support our software including: Select Smart TV's, Android Boxes, Amazon Firesticks/FireTV, Android Cell Phones, Apple Phones, Laptops, Tablets and other video platforms. Our software and service is adaptive to a wide range of hardware and may be a perfect fit for your needs. All pricing quotes are fixed for the life of your services needs. Meaning your monthly fee will never go up or change!

$12.99 Per Month - New Customer - Single Device
$10.99 Per Month - Single Activation - Addon

Includes 1 Device activation. Plan is best suited for customers who only wish to activate and use 1 Device.

$21.99 Per Month - Flex Plan

Includes 1 Device of your choice. Live TV, TV Series & Movies. For existing customers who wish to add an additional device to their account.

Includes 2 Device of your choice. Live TV, TV Series & Movies. Plan is best suited for customers who wish to view content on smart devices.

$30.99 Per Month - Home Smart

Includes 3 Devices. Plus a FREE Cell Phone activation. Live TV & Movies - Plan is best suited for a small home, apartments, dorm room and mobile products.

$40.99 Per Month - Bronze Plan

Includes 4 Devices of your choice. Live TV, TV Series & Movies - Plan is best suited for single family homes and mid-sized families.

$50.99 Per Month - Gold Plan

Includes up to 5 Devices - Live TV & Movies - Plan is best suited for medium to large family homes.

$60.99 Per Month - Platinum Plan

Includes 6 - 9 Devices and up - Live TV, TV Series, Movies & Our Premium Applications - Plan is best suited for large family homes.

Pricing Options -

All pricing options include the necessary hardware and software to integrate your service providers. You simply pay the monthly equipment and software fee and if you're dissatisfied you may cancel at any time without being penalized. Merely, return our hardware and discontinue the use of our software. No Strings or Hassle. Contact us today and ask about a FREE "In-Home" Demonstration of our solutions. Or, if you'd like to take a virtual tour of our solutions RIGHT NOW, feel free to view our Virtual Demonstration by clicking the button below... Our Demo will help you visualize how our products can improve your experience.

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